Benefits of Resistance Training

February 18, 2019



Benefits of Resistance Training


As we get older, we begin to lose approximately 1% of muscle mass yearly. But more importantly, our muscle strength declines 3-times faster. The consequences of this decline in strength are significant, being associated with an increased risk of dementia, needing care, and mortality.


Resistance training is anabolic in nature, which means it can stimulate muscle growth. This makes resistance training the only type of exercise that effectively gains muscle mass and improves muscle strength to combat age-associated muscle mass loss.


1. Weight and body fat loss


Traditional weight loss often involves caloric deficit and aerobic training. But studies have shown that it reduces lean body mass and decreases resting metabolic rate instead, making it difficult to maintain the weight loss 3-6 months in.

The addition of resistance training to weight loss programme increases resting metabolic rate and adds muscle mass.


2. Central obesity


There is a strong association between body mass index and body fat with coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Low volume resistance training (together with a regimen of caloric restriction) reduces the risks of these obesity-related disease by altering body composition of up to 40% in middle aged men. It has also been proven to decrease heart rate and systolic blood pressure.


3. Improve cognitive function


A Study of Mental and Resistance Training (SMART) done in 2014 found a significant increase in global cognitive function with maintenance of executive and global benefits over 18 months after going through supervised high intensity progressive resistance training.


4. Increase bone strength


Bone mineral density increases in responses to mechanical stress being applied. It has been shown that the magnitude of the stress plays a greater impact over the repetition of stress; meaning higher intensity resistance training is more effective in improving bone strength than low intensity activity such as walking.


Other benefits include reducing mortality, managing blood sugar levels, getting a better night’s sleep, reducing risk of depression and many more!




What are you waiting for? Start lifting today!

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